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Support Services for Science Companion

UChicago STEM Education offers a variety of professional development services designed to help school and district leaders, teachers, and teacher-trainers implement and support Science Companion effectively. These include strategic planning, leadership development, classroom coaching, and workshop sessions and series designed for both new and experienced users. The services described below are often overlapping and involve long-term collaborations between UChicago STEM Education and schools or districts.

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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services are characterized by partnerships between UChicago STEM Education and client districts and schools. We work with local leaders to develop long-range goals and design and implement comprehensive plans to improve their science programs. These services often involve long-term collaborations.

Leadership Development

We offer services to increase the capacity of local leaders (administrators, coaches, teacher-leaders, etc.) to support the implementation of Science Companion.

Implementation Planning and Support

We help local leaders plan for and support implementation of Science Companion. Services may include developing local leadership capacity, planning and providing professional development, communicating with teachers and parents, designing systems for materials and resource management, and developing and implementing processes for analyzing and using student data.

In-School Coaching

We will conduct classroom visits and planning and debriefing sessions with individual teachers or with grade-level teams. We also facilitate “collaborative coaching”—an approach in which teams of teachers co-plan a lesson together and observe students as they engage with the science concepts and skills during the teaching of the lesson. Our classroom coaching focuses on areas of established needs and priorities in the school or district.


We offer a wide range of workshops, including one-time sessions and ongoing series, to support the use of Science Companion. Common workshop topics include an overview of the curriculum and inquiry approach (cross-unit or unit-specific), science content support, assessment and differentiation, and management. We work with schools and districts to plan and customize sessions to match their specific needs and available time.

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